5 tagging tricks.

December 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

On the fifth day of Christmas, your favorite blogger gave to you:

5 tagging tricks:

1. Tag your name—Whether it’s your actual name, the name of your blog, your nickname, whatever, tag it every time. It will come up in Google searches.

2. Tag the unexpected—When you write about something a little outside of your theme, say a current event, a weather happening, a celebrity (ahem, Justin Bieber), go ahead and tag it. A new audience group awaits.

3. Tag outside the box—Most bloggers just don’t know what to tag. Go ahead and start with your name, and your key words. For me, that’s “Holly A. Phillips” and “Blog, Blogging For Beginners, Write… and then move outside, such as 12 Days of Christmas, blog tip, tagging.

4. Tags vs. Categories—These are easy to get confused. I think of categories as more of an internal way of organizing and tagging for readers. However, a blog will usually fit under one category, yet as many tags as you want.

5. Tag cloud?—Some blogs have these, a word jumble of all the tags they’ve used. The bigger the word, the more times they’ve tagged it. This isn’t a must have, but if you think it looks cool, go for it! Just keep tagging.

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